Why is cold rolled stainless steel strip not easy to rust?

Stainless steel strip is often produced by cold rolling process. Except for some special cases, it is generally produced in batches, because the market demand for this is also very large. Many people choose it because its surface is bright and it is not easy to rust. In fact, stainless steel The material of the product will rust if not used carefully.

We know that stainless steel products are not easy to rust, which is actually closely related to the composition of stainless steel. In addition to iron, the composition also includes aluminum, silicon, chromium and other components. These components are in different proportions to produce stainless steel. Adding some other ingredients to the stainless steel will change the properties of the steel and make the structure of the steel more stable, thereby forming an anti-oxidative bohumo on its surface, making the stainless steel less susceptible to corrosion.

However, this does not mean that stainless steel will not rust. For example, when we use cold-rolled stainless steel strips, we sometimes find rust spots on the surface, and we will be surprised. In fact, stainless steel will also rust under certain conditions. .

In a relatively dry and clean environment, cold-rolled stainless steel strip has very good corrosion resistance, but if it is kept in a humid environment for a long time and seawater only gives you, then its corrosion resistance will be reduced, because of acid, alkali, salt, etc. The medium will change the chemical composition of the stainless steel itself.

If you want to maintain the cold-rolled stainless steel strip without corrosion, you need to avoid things with strong acid and alkali in peacetime, and place it in a dry environment.

Cold-rolled stainless steel strips have high strength. It has the characteristics of good wear resistance, strong oxidation resistance, and easy reprocessing. It is widely used in many fields, not only in daily production, but also in some high-end industries, such as medical equipment and IT.

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